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25 of the Best Things About Fall

It’s Fall! Call me basic, but I love Fall. There’s just something about the change of seasons and the feeling of coziness that just makes my day. Here are 24 of the best things about fall that are not pumpkin spice lattes.

1. Cooler Weather

As someone whose home does not have air conditioning, I very much appreciate the cooler weather that the season brings. No more 95 degree work from home days. I’m all about that.

2. Not Having to Shave Your Legs (as much)

Cooler weather means pants weather, which means my legs are no longer on display. Since I’m lazy, it means that I ignore my razor until my legs will show again. But it’s great!

3. Trader Joes Fall Seasonal Items

I love Trader Joes. It’s definitely one of my happy places. And at the beginning-ish of September they release their lineup of everything pumpkin/butternut squash. I have to limit myself to a basket and I always end up overfilling it because their food is delicious.

4. Heavy Blankets

Now, I love my gravity blanket and am sad when I have to put it away for summer. But I break it out again in fall and my quality of sleep improves. Gosh I love that thing.

5. Back to School

I love back to school. I am no longer a student, but I love that fall just seems like the perfect time to reset and re-evaluate how your life is going and if you want to continue in the same direction.

6. Boots

Time to break out the boots! Boots are so fun and fall is the perfect time to wear them!

7. Chunky Sweaters

Fall is chunky sweater season and I love it. They’re comfy, roomy, and warm. Plus, did I already say comfy? Because that definitely needs to be mentioned twice.

8. Scarves

In line with the rest of the outfit options that come with the season, fall is perfect for cute scarves! Plus, it’s not quite as cold as winter so you can wear purely decorative ones too.

9. Pumpkin patch

YES! The pumpkin patch! I LOVE IT. Pumpkin patches are definitely one of the best things about fall. It’s a super cute place to take photos and it’s just so season specific and festive.

10. Corn Mazes

In addition to the pumpkin patch, there are also corn mazes! So great — so fun. I grew up with a corn maze nearby and we always went every fall and timed each other to see who could do it the fastest.

11. Soup Season

Mmmmmm, yummy soup. Warm, cozy, tasty. What’s not to like? Fall is basically soup season and thats just a synonym for delicious-ness that doesn’t make you feel bloated. Need some new recipes to try? You really can’t go wrong with Joanna Gaine’s Butternut Squash Soup. It’s PERFECT for fall!

12. Baking

I’m talking quick breads, muffins, pies, cookies, etc. I love them all.

13. Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Flavored Everything

Pumpkin bread! Butternut squash ravioli! Mac n cheese! There’s so many things to try! While I will agree that some places tend to go overboard, it’s delicious and I’m not complaining.

14. Bundling Up

Hot Girl Summer is nice and all, but I want the fall version where I wear big comfy clothes and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.

15. Fall Candles

Something just seems better about lighting candles in fall. It’s cozy and reminds me of a campfire. Plus, then your home smells so nice and welcoming.

16. Darker Nights

Now I know that this is probably totally contrary to many people’s opinions, but I love it when it gets dark early. I get to bundle up and hang out with friends. Plus since it gets dark earlier, you actually have time to watch movies that are super dark (looking at you last four Harry Potter movies and LOTR) and actually see what’s on the screen.

17. Thanksgiving, Duh

A holiday dedicated to gratitude, food, and family. Enough said.

18. Halloween

While I personally dont really like the holiday, I like dressing up and seeing other people dress up.

19. Pumpkin Pie

Yes, it’s its own category. Because pumpkin pie is great.

20. Hallmark’s Fall Movies

While not as good as their Countdown to Christmas movies (which, let’s be real, hard to top that), these movies are so fun! And as a girl living in a place without seasons, it’s one of the only places I get to see the beautiful fall colors.

21. Friendsgivings/Potlucks

Want to show off your cooking/baking skills? Friendsgiving is for you. Want to eat your friend’s really good cooking while you bring something store bought? Friendsgiving is for you. It’s such a great time to hang out with friends and eat and it comes with fall!

22. Cider

Totally underrated, but cider is perfect for fall and just evokes feelings of the season.

23. Perfect Weather to Cozy Up with a Good Book

One of the best things about fall is that it supplies the perfect weather to relax and read a good book. While you can totally do it in other seasons, fall just seems cozier and I’m all about that life.

24. Chai Lattes

Is it just me or are fall beverages on point? Chai Lattes are delicious, and while not limited to fall, they just seem to fit the season.

25. Staying Inside All Day

Now, some of you may be completely over it, but let’s just agree that choosing to stay inside all day is very different from being forced to stay inside all day. Fall has crisp air and slightly gloomy skies, making it perfect for staying inside.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Falling leaves – I wouldn’t know. I live in an area without seasons, but I love seeing it in pictures and movies!
  • Apple picking – Still don’t know… This is not an activity in my area, but Hallmark makes it seem fun.

Overall, fall is a sensory experience — it’s cold and your nose tingles in the crisp air, you hear the crunch of leaves underfoot, you taste one of the many fall beverage all stars (I’m currently drinking a maple flavored coffee), and you can see so many colors! Fall is awesome and it’s here! Time to enjoy the season. What’s your favorite part of fall?


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