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Cosmetic Acupuncture (AKA Facial Acupuncture)- My Thoughts on My Experience

As I’m heading towards my late twenties, I’m working on creating and maintaining my skin. I don’t know if it’s all of my friends’ reminders of “when you’re thirty, [insert skincare warning here]….” or if I would’ve done it anyways, but I’m trying to create a very proactive skincare routine. This has resulted in me starting to use retinol, always applying sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and most recently, cosmetic acupuncture (AKA facial acupuncture/natural botox).

cosmetic acupunture

Why did I choose cosmetic acupuncture? There’s a few reasons.

  • Some of my friends (and influencers I’ve seen online) have done preventative botox and swear by it. However, I’m not sure how I feel about it or the cost and wanted to try something a little more natural.
  • Given the age of the technology (legit thousands of years), I felt pretty comfortable with it. This was only strengthened when I learned about the training you have to go through to be a licensed acupuncturist (>2,000 hours on average).
  • It’s on ClassPass! This made it super easy for my to find a place to go to and schedule an appointment using a service I already use. Seriously, I love ClassPass and I’ll have to do another post on why it’s the best.

So, let’s start with the basics.

What is cosmetic acupuncture? How does it work?

Acupuncture is a practice where very thin needles are inserted into the skin at strategic points and then activated, improving energy (qi) flow throughout the body and improving health. It’s recognized as an effective treatment for a variety of conditions.

Cosmetic acupuncture (AKA facial acupuncture/natural botox) is acupuncture centered around your face/beauty rather than something like pain relief.

Disclaimer: Acupuncture may not be for everyone and it’s recommended that you consult a physician before seeking treatment and go to a licensed practitioner.

Does cosmetic acupuncture hurt?

Nope! They use really, really thin needles (totally sterilized and everything) and poke those into your acupuncture points. I don’t have a fear of needles, but I don’t like to watch them go into my skin, so I just close my eyes during that part. Sometimes I don’t feel the needle at all and other times it’s like a slight twinge.

What was your experience like?

My experience has been great. For a typical appointment, when I arrive, I sit in a heated massage chair as we discuss my goals for the session and any other issues I’m having. After that, in go the needles (I usually feel some slight tingles) and I get to relax for half an hour. I always fall asleep in the chair and I swear its the best mini nap that I get to sneak in every time I go. Once my half an hour is up, the acupuncturist takes out my needles and I get a cup of tea and go on my merry way.

And most importantly, does it work? Did you see results?

As I said before, I’m going for preventative maintenance, so I haven’t seen any big changes. They also state that results are gradual. So if you’re looking for a dramatic, immediate change, this may not be for you. That being said, I do like the way I feel after the treatment, so I’ll keep going to see if I notice any changes over the longer term. Stay tuned for more!

Have you tried cosmetic acupuncture? What’re your thoughts? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.


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