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Is Glossier Worth It?

Is Glossier worth it? Should I buy their products? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then this review is for you. I bought the top five best selling products* to see if they lived up to the hype.

Is Glossier worth it?

Boy Brow ($16):

About the product: Boy brow is a pomade to tame your brows. It comes in 5 different shades. Boy brow also has a major following and over 4,250 reviews on Glossier’s website. This is the product that I first heard about when I was introduced to Glossier.

My thoughts: Dang, that’s a nice brow gel. I’d buy this again. Granted, I am in no way an eyebrow expert, but i think that this is one of the products that’s definitely worth it from Glossier. The product goes on easily and stays on. Plus, it blends in really well so it doesn’t look odd on your face.

Generation G Lipsticks ($16):

About the product: Generation G is a sheer matte lipstick that comes in 6 different shades. Like Glossier’s cloud paint, it has a large following and over 3,000 reviews on Glossier’s website.

My thoughts: I actually really liked this lipstick. It went on evenly and was very buildable. It looks like a lip stain and wears throughout the day without really fading. I really liked that it was matte but not drying. I got the shades Leo (cocoa brown) and Jam (berry). Both looked really nice– it was easy to make the lipstick darker or just apply one or two coats for a blotted look.

Cloud Paint ($18):

About the product: Cloud paint is a gel-cream blush that comes in 8 different shades. It has a super big following and over 3,500 reviews on Glossier’s website.

My thoughts: I liked the Cloud Paint a lot more than I thought I would. At first I was surprised because the actual tube of cloud paint was a lot smaller than I anticipated. But, when I was using the product I realized why. When people say a little bit goes a long way, a little bit goes a looooooong way. I saw a tip saying to puncture the seal with a pin and I’m so glad that I did. To use it, you just squeeze little bit (and we’re talking a tiny amount) of product out and then dab/blend it out on your cheeks. It’s lightweight, buildable, and looks natural. I got the shades beam (very light and looks super natural) and eve (dark, but if I don’t use a lot it looks like a nice berry flush on my cheeks)

Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18):

About the product: Milky jelly cleanser is a creamy gel face wash that is for all skin types. You use on on a dry/damp face and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

My thoughts: I liked the milky jelly cleanser but I didn’t love it. For starters, I normally use the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser and the Milky Jelly Cleanser reminded me of that product, but thicker. It’s lightly scented, but I didn’t mind the smell. The cleanser definitely got the job done and I felt like my face was clean afterward, but I just didn’t like it enough to switch over.

Solution ($24):

About the product: Solution is an exfoliating skin “perfector”. It uses AHA, BHA, and PHA (three acid groups) to exfoliate your skin. I couldn’t find a description of the strength of each acid (10% blend).

My thoughts: Straight up, I did not like this product. It has a definite scent which made me automatically wary. I used Solution for a couple of weeks but after breaking out each time it just wasn’t worth it anymore. And yes, I didn’t just go all out to start — I first used it every three days to slowly introduce it to my routine. Then I tried every other day, once a day. Aside from breaking out, it’s not my favorite product either. After putting it on, your face just remains sticky like all day.

Overall Thoughts: Is Glossier worth it?

If you like the “no makeup makeup” look, then heck yes, you should buy products from Glossier. However, if you’re looking to create more of a glam look or want full coverage, I would look elsewhere. For me, this has been perfect. With the pandemic and getting used to staying at home makeup free, Glossier is a great brand for showing of your skin and creating a natural look.

It should be noted though that Glossier has gotten come flack for being a brand that’s only good for “pretty girls”

Their skincare isn’t my fave. Others may have really good results, but one made me break out and the other wasn’t as good as my current product. I won’t be switching out my current skincare products for the Glossier ones. I’m not sure that I also want to try out more of their skincare line.

*Note: I just sorted by best seller and clicked the first five, so the top five products may have changed.

Have you tried Glossier? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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