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How to Plan a Bridal Shower on a Budget

So your bestie/daughter/sister is getting is getting married and you’ve been tasked with throwing a bridal shower. Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. I recently threw one for my sister and here are the tips and tricks I learned to plan a bridal shower on a budget.

Get the guest list from the bride.

This will determine your venue and influences budget. For example: if you were thinking about hosting it at home, can you comfortably accommodate her guest list?

Find out who is contributing to the shower.

This applies not only to budget, but also to time. Is it just you? The bridal party? Mother of the Bride? Mother of the Groom?

Budget is a sensitive but necessary topic. While you may want to celebrate and shower the bride with gifts and make her shower the most pinterest worthy event ever, but everyone has different abilities to contribute and that’s totally okay.

Some people may not be able to help contribute monetarily, but could totally help with the event itself (cooking, helping decorate, etc.), which may result in budget savings for you!

Pick a theme.

This is where the fun begins. Think of the bride and what she likes. Do you think she wants a classic tea party? Something Barbie pink? Bridgerton themed? This is a fun way to tailor it to the bride and make her feel so special.

If it helps, you can always create a mood board and then present your ideas to the bride and have her pick. I knew my sister wanted high tea and had a good idea of what decor she’d pick, but I still ran three mood boards by her just in case. I made a tiktok about it here.

Find a venue.

You’re going to host a party, which means you need a location for it. I’ve seen some done at restaurants or fancy venues, but if you’re looking to save a little bit, try hosting at home! Or if your home isn’t the best for entertaining, do you know anyone who would be willing to let you host it at their place?

Create some invites.

There’s a bunch of really cute invitations out there. I decided to make mine on Canva because it was super easy to design something that fit my theme perfectly, and the cost to print was minimal! Canva is definitely a budget friendly option and I highly recommend it. If you like the invitations I made, you can use the template I created by clicking here.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I made my invitations.

You could also print through Costco or Staples and its pretty affordable.

But of course, evite is always an option! This one is the most budget friendly and there’s some cute options.

DIY your decor.

Decor makes things feel festive, but it also adds up really quickly. That’s why when thinking of how to plan a bridal shower on a budget DIYing your decor is probably key. It’s also arguably not necessary, so if you’re looking for a category to slash, this might be it.

If you love flowers (like my sister does), try to DIY your centerpieces instead of getting pre-made bouquets from a florist to help you save. I watched a few videos on youtube, and then went to trader joes the day before to try and make my own arrangements and they turned out beautifully!

Flowers are also expensive, so you could use less of them and decorate with other things. I printed out a few photos of the couple (8″x12″ and 4″x6″) and put them in frames that I already had and used those as decor. I definitely recommend this as it made the shower feel personal, I only had to purchase photos, and it was useful because I got to keep using my frames afterwards and the bride got to take home some nice photos. If the bride has already printed out any photos from her engagement session, you could also ask to borrow those for the shower!

You could also do a balloon installation as use it as a cute photo backdrop for the bride and her guests.

Choose some fun activities.

You can buy some games off of etsy (just search “bridal shower games” and a TON pop up). Or you can DIY them! I DIYed the games for us in order to keep it budget friendly. To do this, I designed a few games on Canva and printed them at home. Then I brought pens I already owned to the shower and bam! Done.

If you don’t want to print things out and you have access to a TV, you could also use kahoot or powerpoint to make a quiz about the bride, the couple, etc. and present it at the shower and do the game that way.

Decide on a menu.

With your theme in mind, it’s now time to create the menu! You can always cater or you can cook/prep a lot of the food before and serve, or do a mixture of both! Cooking yourself is usually the most budget friendly. I ended up recruiting some family members to help make scones and food so we only had to pay for groceries.

Other things to think about.

Favors are totally not necessary. However, they are kind of fun. If you’re looking to save, I’d slash this. But if you want favors, try DIYing these! I made a video on DIYing some bath bombs here, but some other ideas could be any kind of baked good, a tea blend, etc.

Overall, figuring out how to plan a bridal shower on a budget isn’t impossible. Just try to start as early as you can so you can swoop some deals and not feel stressed about it!

I hope this helps you plan a bridal shower on a budget! If it helped or you have any other tips and tricks, please leave a comment below!


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