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The Ultimate Everything Shower Routine

You may have seen it trending on TikTok and wondered if it’s worth the hype — say hello to the “Everything Shower,” your ticket to a day that starts with self-care, positivity, and a touch of luxury.

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Pre-Shower Prep

Before you even turn the water on, there are things to do!

Hair Care Magic

Before the water flows, let’s show your hair some love. Apply a rosemary hair oil into your scalp and massage it in. The hair oil helps keep your calp healthy and can even help with hair loss! I like to follow it up with a nourishing hair mask on my ends too. Wrap your hair in a bun and let the magic soak in as you get ready to pamper yourself. You’re giving your hair the attention it deserves.

Setting the Mood

Then it’s time to set the stage for some much-needed “me time.” Dim the lights, play your favorite calming playlist, and let a soothing candle fill the air with its delicate fragrance. This isn’t just a shower; it’s a retreat.

Dry Brushing Bliss

Bring out your trusty dry brush for a revitalizing exfoliation. Never heard of dry brushing? Gently brush your skin in upward strokes to slough off dead skin cells and boost circulation. It’s a lot like shedding the weight of the day, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Everything Shower Time

Regular Clean Soap Love

Grab your favorite gentle soap, like a classic Dove bar and it’s time to get clean. Let its creamy lather cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. This step is all about keeping things simple and getting the dirt and oils off of your skin.

Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s time to wash your hair. Shampoo away your worries of yesterday and put in some conditioner. Since it’s an everything shower, there’s plenty of time to let it soak in as you multitask.

Sugar Scrub Euphoria

If you want to exfoliate some more (or maybe dry brushing isn’t your thing), try indulging your skin with a luxurious sugar scrub (I love this one!). Massage it gently over your body, and slough off any remaining dead skin.

Body Wash

Use your favorite shower get or body wash – since you pre-washed, this stop isn’t just about the cleansing; it’s about enveloping yourself in a cocoon of soothing aromas.

For that extra touch of care, use a salicylic acid body wash. It’s like a reset button for your skin, ensuring it’s smooth and vibrant. Or try Panoxyl if you have body acne.

Smooth Shaving

Take your time to shave your body, embracing the sensation of silky, smooth skin.

Facial Cleanse

Don’t forget to wash your face! I love to use this one from Drunk Elephant, but this COSRX one is great too (and like a fifth of the price!).

Rinse and Body Oil

As the water flows, rinse off, and then while your skin is still damp, indulge in a luxurious body oil. I could honestly write sonnets about how much I love the OSEA undaria oil (and I did write a whole blurb on why it’s totally worth it here) and I love to put it on in the shower.

Allow it to sink in, moisturizing your skin in a way that isn’t too heavy.

Post Everything Shower Routine

Skin Care and Body Lotion

Pamper your body with a rich lotion. I love feeling cozy so I tend to default towards a vanilla scent or the viral Sol de Janiero classic one!

Continue with your regular skincare routine, giving your face the attention it deserves.

Leave-In Conditioner

Lastly, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair, adding a touch of shine and manageability. There’s a bunch of good ones out there but I tend to use the It’s a 10 one if I’m styling my hair, or this OUAI one if I’m not!


And there you have it, the comprehensive Everything Shower Routine that turns your morning ritual into an extraordinary self-care experience.

I’d love to hear about your own Everything Shower Routine! Share your experiences in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us for more lifestyle and self-care tips. Let’s continue this wonderful journey over on our social media channels too!

Here’s to showers that make you feel like a million bucks and pampering self care! Until next time, keep glowing!


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