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Travel Gifts for Her – What to Get the Woman Who Loves to Travel

Holiday season is coming up! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already trying to plan what you’re going to give the people in your life. If you’re looking for some travel gifts for her (or anyone who likes to travel), then look no further! I’ve got the perfect list below for you.

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Travel Gifts for Her: Bags and Organizers

1. Weekend Bag

This bag is perfect for short trips and can double as a gym bag! Plus, you’ve got to love the separate shoe compartment so their shoes will have a little home and won’t get anything else dirty.

2. Small Carry on (works for budget airlines!)

Sometimes regular carry on sized bags just seem so large… That’s where this comes in! If you’re looking for a rolling bag that can even work with some budget airlines (double check their guidelines to make sure as it varies by airline), then here you go! Plus, this bag works perfectly for weekends away if a duffle isn’t their thing.

3. Hardcase Carry On

I was very firmly against hard case suitcase for some reason. Looking back, I’m not sure why. Maybe it was just that I had never used one and neither had anyone else in my family. Perhaps I was slightly scared that I wouldn’t be able to expand the suitcase in case I overpacked. Whatever those original reasons were, I feel a little silly about it now after having (and loving) my Monos suitcase. This suitcase is sleek and takes care of all of my belongings!

If the price point of a Monos suitcase puts you off a bit (and believe me, I get it), then here’s a more budget-friendly version!

4. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a LIFESAVER. Even if she thinks she’s a great packer, trust me, she’ll love having these. Not only will they keep her suitcase organized, they’re great for saving space in her luggage! Seriously, packing cubes has been a game changer for me and are how I was able to travel for two weeks in Italy with a small carry on!

5. Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

Looking for a cute gift that’s also practical? Try this passport holder! It’ll keep her necessary (and important!) papers together in a cute little bundle. This also comes in a variety of colors.

6. Electronic Organizer (seriously, this is a MUST HAVE)

Unfortunately there is no universal cord/charger in the world. Plus, the more devices one has, the more cords. That makes this one of the best travel gifts for her! This practical gift is one she’ll actually use. The organizer can sort all of the necessary cords (charger box, cables for headphones, phone, watch, etc.) all in one nifty little package. It also comes in over 20 colors so very customizable.

7. Toiletry Bag

Get a look at this toiletry bag! It has over 35,000 reviews and a 5 star rating. When you look at its features, it’s not hard to see why. There’s a hook so you can hang it up in the bathroom, zippered compartments, and water resistant fabrics for easy cleanup of any spills! Plus, it’s cute and comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

8. Toiletry Bottles

Of course, any list of travel gifts for her wouldn’t be complete without a set of toiletry bottles that meet the TSA guidelines. These are squeezable, washable, and (most importantly) leak proof! Super easy for all of her toiletries.

9. Make Up Brush Holder

If she’s packing some make up, she likely needs something for her makeup brushes, too! This holder is made of silicone and helps the makeup brushes keep their shape (not get bent out of shape or squished in with the rest of the other toiletries).

10. Portable Jewelry Case

No one wants to misplace their jewelry or have it all tangled up when they travel. An easy solution is this small jewelry case that organizes her jewelry and keeps it secure!

Gift Ideas: Travel in Comfort

11. Compact Pillow/Blanket Duo

If they’re always getting cold on flights or complaining that the pillow provided by the airline isn’t enough (because let’s be real, sometimes it isn’t), check this out! It’s a blanket that folds up into the pillow AND fits over the suitcase handle. Convenient (and cute!) coziness for traveling!

12. Neck Pillow

Sleeping on an airplane, in the car, or on a train just isn’t that comfortable. That’s why she’ll definitely love this travel pillow (with memory foam)!

13. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Who doesn’t want to bring a little luxury with them while they’re traveling? No one. This silk pillowcase is perfect for travel and will elevate her sleeping experience!

14. Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Speaking of Slip silk products… this silk sleeping mask is a perfect travel gift for her. It’ll block out the sun, light from other passenger’s devices, etc. Plus, it’s silk so it feels luxurious making it a great gift!

Travel Gifts for Her: Fun and Misc.

15. Portable Charger

Chances are, she already has a portable charger. But, is it this small, with a built in output so no cord is necessary? And if she doesn’t already have one, get her this! It’s so useful and helpful for making sure her phone will be able to help her navigate and she’ll never have to worry about missing a photo because her phone is dead!

16. Kindle

Get the kindle. She doesn’t even need to be a big reader to enjoy this (although she’ll enjoy it even more if she is!). A kindle is small and sleek but can hold TONS of books on it, saving valuable space in her suitcase while letting her bring books for every mood and occasion with her.

17. Craft Cocktail Kit

How cute are these? This cocktail kit comes with everything she needs (minus the alcohol) to enjoy her favorite cocktail while on the go! Perfect for on a plane, in the hotel or an airbnb!

18. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

If there’s on thing she doesn’t want to lose while she’s traveling, it’s her keys. This tracker is perfect (and a lifesaver) for keeping track of anything you tag it to. And it doesn’t just have to be keys! I’ve used mine before in my wallet, my suitcase, my purse, etc.

19. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Upgrade her headphones to these over ear ones! They’re noise cancelling (perfect for when she’ll want to ignore everyone else in the plane, train, car, etc.) and COMFY. And they’re Bose so you know the sound quality is great!

20. Travel Journal / Scrapbook

She’ll want something to remember her trip by and this travel journal fits the bill! It has prompts too and different sections for photos, memories, etc. giving it more structure than your average journal, turning it into a perfect memento of her trip.

And there you have it! 20 ideas for travel gifts for her (that she’ll actually like and use!). I hope this list was helpful!


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