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We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

Are you interested in making more money? Or perhaps changing your perspective about money? In We Should All Be Millionaires, Rodgers unwinds thinking about money, giving insight to you in delightfully sassy and frank chapters.

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“Money also creates power by giving us autonomy. When we have money, we can make decisions that improve our quality of life and the lives of others without needing anyone else to weigh in. When we have wealth, we can be independent and make our own decisions.”

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

My Thoughts

I LOVED this book. I really LOVED this book. Rachel Rodgers is refreshing and unashamed as she cuts to the heart of the issue. Reading this book is kind of like grabbing coffee with a girlfriend and discussing life. I mean, seriously, Rachel Rodgers is so funny. And she’s an authority on the subject too! But that doesn’t stop her from being down to earth. In her personal money journey she’s gone from living paycheck to paycheck with an abysmal credit score to being a multimillionaire. There’s something about the way that she writes where you feel like you are on an equal playing field. Not only that, she’s inspiring and provides information in delightful bite sized chunks.

“Screw the thigh gap, let’s talk about some other gaps: white women make 79 cents compared to a dollar made by a white man, and Black women make 62 cents. Sixty-two cents, y’all!”

We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

We Should All Be Millionaires discusses different attitudes towards money and how this impacts how we use it. The book gives examples, money pep talks, and walks through exercises to evaluate how your current lifestyle aligns (or doesn’t) with your ideal wealth status.

While I greatly enjoyed this book, the only thing that I didn’t like as much was that I felt towards the end it focused more on people who owned businesses or freelancers. But, that could just be the nature of working for yourself vs working for others and how it translates to income. I just would’ve preferred a little more for the person in corporate America.


I enjoyed this book tremendously and thought it was well written. If you want to be inspired to make some money moves or are interested in building wealth, I’d check this out!


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